Simply put International Kunafa Day is meant to celebrate Kunafa! Why celebrate a traditional Arabic pastry? Well, we felt like a dish this good should really have its own day. I mean Kunafa, also known as kanafeh, kunafeh or kunafah is probably the best and most popular pastry in the Middle East, if done right. And if there’s one thing our team at Kunafa’s knows, it’s how to make the perfect traditional kunafa. In fact we spent years working on perfecting the process before opening our doors last year.


The first annual International Kunafa Day is celebrated on March 16, which marks the anniversary of Kunafa’s grand opening #KunafaDay.


If you’re anywhere near Kunafa’s in Toronto, we’d like you to come celebrate with us and enjoy a FREE full size slice of Kunafa Nama (soft) or Kunafa Kishna (crispy). If you’re not anywhere nearby, we kindly ask that all kunafa lovers out there make a tray of kunafa at home and share some with friends and family. We’ll be posting photos and videos leading up to Kunafa Day on Instagram & Facebook and we’d love to see your work too, so feel free to post your pictures using the hashtag  #KunafaDay and @Kunafas.

Also on March 16 Kunafa’s tends to give away other prizes like announcing the latest winner of the “Free Kunafa for a Year” contest!


  • It’s good, really really good! The most well known version of Kunafa is made with white Nabulsi cheese
  • Kunafa Nabulsi originated in the Palestinian city of Nablus, hence the name Nabulsi or Nabulsieh
  • Real Nama dough is not made using Semolina. It’s actually a modified & refined version of Kataifi (Shredded phyllo pastry)
  • It typically takes 15 minutes to make a fresh tray of Kunafa at Kunafa’s on Lawrence
  • The owners of Kunafa’s have gained 10 pounds each since opening the doors